Our presence on the Bulgarian market dates back to the 1994. The success of our company is undoubtedly due to our 22 years of experience, as well as our curiosity to new challenges.

Key factors for our previous success are the use of quality materials, reliable suppliers and innovative design, all conditions that contribute to mark the brand of “Makmebel” as a symbol of quality and style.

We are flexible in our decisions and motivated for each new project. Our confidence in the quality of the products we produce gives us the assurance to say that our furniture, will be a part of your home, for years to come.

Our individual approach to the customer helps us realize custom solutions for homes, offices or suburban houses. We unleashed our full potential when we started furnishing hotels, restaurants, municipal projects, dozens of shops in Bulgaria, as well as abroad. If you choose to trust us, in our face you will find a partner and a longtime collaborator, to carry out everything from your smallest ideas to you grandest projects.

To be closer to you, in 2015 we created an online store, so our furniture can be just a button away. It’s already been a successful year of offering and distributing our products, as it is our goal to make you feel at home with our furniture, at any given time.